Our Mission

Give people the power to discover best places to work.


ISRANI ENTERTAINMENT INDIA LTD, since 1992, was established by the founders Mr. Raj Israni and Mrs. Anita Israni. Under the able direction, the company was earlier created and pioneered as an exclusive entertainment venture under the name of (ISRANI COMMUNICATIONS) for the entire Media fraternity. With their insight and inspiration drawn, the company gained fame over a decade when it introduced India’s first talent portal in the name of Modelspoint. There onwards there was no looking for the Isranis. They further expanded an independent business module introduced by Luv Israni Photography which catered to fashion and celebrity photography. The Isranis believed in optimizing their strength further and created the tool Israni Photography, a brainchild of Megha Israni Bhatia, under the brand name Signature Films. This module creates wedding stills and videos and narrates the wedding story in a unique style. Over the years Israni Photography has gained its popularity far and wide across the world. Indian Film History website introduced and launched carries robust information which is more of a retrieval search engine platform for Indian cinema. It is a repository of Indian feature films dating back to the inception of popular cinema in 1920, carrying a database of over 12000 movies from various Indian regional languages like Hindi, Marathi and Bhojpuri and the South Indian. Since the Isranis expanded its business and have a diversified range, looking at the prospects of growth, they decided to franchise the company as a separate entity in the year 2018 and Huvi Digital was developed as a separate portal.


The company’s mission is to build a strong organization that provides immense value to its esteemed customers. Their beliefs or the philosophy are – Goals First, People Second, and Me Third. A promise to ensure to take the legacy ahead by providing unparalleled services keeping in mind the core values.

Our Values

We hold our values deeply and make tradeoffs to pursue.

1. Focus on impact.

2. Crazy passion.

3. Think different. Think 10x.

4. Work smart. Work hard. Work long.

5. It’s best to do one thing really really well.

6. Empathy.

7. Ownership.

8. Execute more. Talk less.

9. There’s only one boss: The User.